Return for Further Updates as Production Advances


may 2018 - Production began

On May 29th our cast and crew journeyed from Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Canada to Grass Valley and set up base camp. With all the crew and cast living within a centralized area, we were able to work closely together and shoot for 18 days over the next three weeks. We shot in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penryn, Folsom, Rocklin, and Sacramento. Spending lots of time on the road brought us to beautiful locations for the film, and all of our time on set brought a great sense of community to the team. Our final shoot day was on June 20th.



july 2018 - POST-production began

On his way home to Arizona, Connor (cinematographer) dropped off our master hard drive with our editor Alex. Alex began synchronizing clips and creating proxy files. A couple weeks, Andrew (producer) and Spencer (writer/director) began meeting regularly at Alex's house to review the assembly cut in progress.